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Trick or Treat Skull

My next seasonal themed crochet pattern is here! With so many secret experiments, crafty testers and undercover tech editing, I'm so pleased to have this guy ready to go in crochet-able format!

After the summer Mosaic Mermaid Scale blanket and autumnal Petal Blush Cowl, the time has come for my favourite creepy dude to make his debut - introducing the Trick or Treat Skull mat!

Scroll down to read about the inspiration behind the design or you can download a copy of the pattern HERE.

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The Design

I just love seasonal themed crochet. One of my favourite type of project has always been coasters and placemats and is often the most common use for crochet, particularly for those starting out and learning the basics, so it's no surprise I just had to make this skull shaped mat sooner or later!

The Trick or Treat Skull mat is a piece of edged crochet in the shape of a skull and combines standard crochet stitches with increases and decreases to form the contoured edge. With it's striking black and white tones, this eye catching design uses tapestry crochet to bring out the features of the skull; his eyes, nose and terrifying smile!

The shaping is easier than it looks, and the detailed instructions are included in the pattern in full, so if you haven't done crochet shaping already, don't worry there's enough help for beginners and those returning to the technique alike.

The pattern is written for one size and can be used to store all those Halloween treat bowls or as separate place settings for a Halloween themed dinner party.

The Yarn

The pattern is written for 100% Acrylic yarn in DK weight - I used:

Stylecraft Special DK

You could also use cotton DK yarn, which would look great in:

Rico Creative Cotton

The Technique

The magic behind the shaping in this pattern is all in chain-less increases; that is adding to your stitch count where you don't already have a chain or stitch directly below it to work into.

You'll find 2 types of chain-less increase in this pattern:

Chain-less starting single crochet (cssc) insert hook into side of last stitch made, yrh, pull up a loop, yrh, pull through first loop, [ch1 created] yrh, pull through 2 loops on hook.

Chain-less single crochet (csc) insert hook into ch of previous cssc, yrh, pull up a loop, yrh, pull through first loop, [ch1 created] yrh, pull through 2 loops on hook.

Try them out on a small sample of single crochet before attempting the pattern so you can familiarise yourself with the technique - don't worry it's easier than you might expect!

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I hope you enjoy making this spooky little skull for your halloween treats as much as I enjoyed bringing him to life! .....or back from the dead!!! Oooooooo!!!!

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