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Hey fellow crocheters!

I’m Elisa and I’d like to welcome you to my little crochet and crafting blog! 

If you’re like me and have enjoyed dabbling with all things crafty from a young age, but find crochet to be your all-time favourite outlet for all those creative little daydreams, this is the place for you!

I don’t think there’s anything I enjoy so much as getting stuck into my next crochet project…well, besides spending time with my delightful husband in our home in Essex. I love to challenge my creative side to come up with new and modern ways of keeping our passion for crochet fresh and exciting! So, this is my place to share my love of all things crochety.

I do hope you enjoy your visits here and hope you feel brave enough to get in touch and share your passions for crochet with me too. You’ll only need 2 tools to join in with me here: some yarn and a hook!

I first picked up a hook at about 10 years old when my grandmother used to bring her latest crochet projects with her on our family holidays – along with a suitcase full of brightly coloured and curiously crocheted goodies that she’d previously created. Being at an inquisitive and just plain nosey age, I couldn’t resist trying to get involved when she unpacked her yarn and settled down to some happy hooking, so she agreed to teach me.  Quite a few tantrums and many messy stitches later I felt like I could call my work crochet.

 Although it was a good few more years until she no longer needed to point out the importance of tension to me, my love of crochet had already begun!

I’ve had many opportunities to continue my passion for experimenting with stitches, projects and colours over the years and have always come back to crochet as a hobby and comfort in between busier months and years. Since meeting my husband, I’ve been a busy crocheter again and he often takes the photos you’ll find throughout my blog. What you won’t see is all the knots and tangles he’s unravelled whilst I’ve been busily testing out my designs and creating my original patterns!

My crochet blog is still green, so if you have any questions or queries on crochet that I can help with, get in touch! ​


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