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Fabulous Foxy, the Autumn Fox

Earlier in the year, our little home right in the middle of rural Essex seemed to be full of tiny fox cubs trotting in and out of any garden they could get into. Not limiting themselves to nighttime hours, these little critters were wide awake and very active during the day so it was almost impossible to see a day go by without catching a glimpse of a little orange and white furry face.

Now we're well into Autumn we have just as many adult foxes running around and I just couldn't resist creating a little crochet foxy design of our lovely furry friends!

If you're anything like me, adding fiddly arms and legs and tiny, tricky features on amigurumi is just too much like hard work at the end of a long day. So, my goal with this design was to create a cute little Foxy using simple, therapeutic crochet that we all know and love; and so my 3 piece Foxy was born, made out of 1 sphere and 2 squares stitched together with a little imagination to resemble our furry friends.

If you're a beginner, then this little foxy is just for you! Using standard double crochet stitches throughout, it's an ideal design to practice your skills, and for all the experienced crocheters out there, who doesn't love coming back to a tried and tested stitch for a bit of a relaxing autumnal project?

You can find the pattern linked here - I hope you enjoy and I'd love you to share your Foxy's with me on social media!

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