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Dancing Fairy Motif

This design has been hovering around in the back of my mind for such a long time, but it's taken me some time to decide what technique to use to create it. There are so many techniques in crochet, from tapestry crochet to appliques and mosaic crochet. Eventually, I decided that I wanted my 'Dancing Fairy' to be a stand alone's a little bit more about the pattern...

Here’s how the design was inspired…

Throughout 2020 I’d been working on small sample projects using tapestry crochet from simple cross stitch charts; whilst these normally have the subject and a background and take the form of a small coaster or dishcloth, I started to think about what the design would look like without the background. So I researched how it would be possible to create increases where there is no stitch available from a previous row to work into. My Trick or Treat Skull mat is based on the same technique - you can find it here.

When I designed and made the Trick or Treat Skull matt, I realised how simple it was to create shaping based on 'chainless' single crochets (US).

If you've followed my social media channels for a while, you'll know that I love any design that is based on a variegated yarn, so my Dancing Fairy design, really is a delightful mix of chainless single crochets and variegated yarn!

What you need to start this design…

1) Your crochet hook
2) Some stitch markers
3) About 5 minutes of concentration time while you learn the two special stitches that form the shapes in the design.
4) The pattern!

The pattern is available in my Ravelry store here and support for the pattern is available to all members of the Crochet Hooks and Magic Facebook group – so if you’re not a member yet, head over there and watch out for all the other designs members are working on right now. The group is primarily for like-minded crochet enthusiasts to help and support each other through our trickiest stitches but there are often sneak-peeks and discount codes just for group members there too. We're such a friendly crafting group, we love to share our latest crafting projects together - find us here.

The pattern is in written format, using US terminology and includes a chart for those who prefer working more visually. There won’t be any videos for this pattern - the written information is suitable for confident beginners and above and will cover all the basics, but if you get stuck, post a comment in the group and there will be plenty of support for you.


You’ll need either:

A) 2 yarns:

MC (main colour) this will be your variegated yarn, if you choose to use one, and will be the colour(s) worked for the main body and most obvious as the design is worked.

CC (contrast colour) this will be used for the wings of the fairy.

Both yarns will need to be 4 ply in weight

B) Variegated yarn:

Any 4ply variegated yarn will work, although wool/acrylic based yarns work better than cotton based ones.

Here’s what I used:

MC – 1 ball, King Cole Zig Zag 4 ply (75% superwash wool, 25% Nylon, 100g/420m) in colour way: Chinese Violet (3166).

There are so many colourways you can use for this project, but sock yarns work well and you can find them sold here at Woolwarehouse and here at


3.00 mm (US D/3) standard crochet hook

If you’d like to try this design, don’t forget to tag me in your working projects and finished pieces using @crochethooksandmagic so I can see your dancing fairies come to life!

Happy Crocheting to All! 😊

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