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The half double crochet cluster stitch

If you’d like to give the half double crochet cluster stitch a go, follow through this handy step-by-step tutorial to see how it’s done and if you'd like to try a pattern, you can find my Tribal Fox Baby Blanket pattern here.

This stitch is a variation of the half double crochet, so you need to be familiar with this stitch and how to work a chain stitch before you start. US stitch terminology is used throughout this tutorial, but if you’re more familiar with UK terminology, the stitch is ‘half treble cluster’. The abbreviation used for this stitch is ‘hdc-c’.

The basic stitch is a one row repeat, so once you’ve mastered the first rows, you can create a full project or add interest to your project with delightful colour changes!

You’ll find the fabric this stitch creates has a satisfying, uniform bump to it and creates a thicker fabric.

I’m using Stylecraft Sweet Dreams in shade ‘Seaside’ which has very small variations in colour along the strand which looks great with the texture of this stitch.

If you’re using this or similar yarn, you should size down from the normal hook you’d use with a light worsted/DK weight yarn – I picked a G/6 or 4mm crochet hook by tulip.

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Photo-based instructions for the half double crochet cluster stitch:

Row 1

1. Begin by chaining to the length of your choice, and working into the third chain from your hook.

2. Making your first hdc-c, start with yarn over.

3. Insert your hook in the third chain from your hook.

4. Yarn over.

5. Pull through the yarn, you’ll have three loops on your hook.

6. Yarn over.

7. Then insert your hook into the same stitch.

8. Yarn over.

9. Pull through the yarn, you’ll have five loops on your hook.

10. Yarn over.

11. Pull the yarn through all 5 loops on your hook. This is one hdc-c stitch. The next hdc-c will be worked into the next chain.

Row 2 and all following rows.

12. At the end of the row, work 2 chains and turn.

13. For this row, and all future rows, work hdc-c stitches in between hdc-c stitches from previous row; stitch is worked the same as for steps 1-11.

14. Working in between stitches means that each row you work will shift slightly to the left and to maintain the same stitch count, your last stitch in the row will sit between your last hdc-c and the 2 chains worked at the end of the previous row.

Repeat Row 2 until you reach desired length.

15. Your fabric will look like this

I hope you enjoyed this stitch tutorial - don't forget to check out my Tribal Fox Baby Blanket if you've enjoyed this stitch and you're curious to try a full project. You can find the pattern here.

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