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Sacred Space - Sacred Love Part 4

I've had a short break from my sacred space project; working on other commissions but it's been waiting patiently at the back of my mind and I've been more than a little excited to get back to it.

This part turns the pointed shape of previous rounds into a circle.

Working between points with a classic 'granny style' stitch, the shape is filled out into a circle. I found that where the circle continues to increase, I had to be careful of my stitch counts and made sure each repeat had the correct number of stitches...sometimes they didn't!!

Part 4 really is dominated by white as you work up the lace effect, however, there are a couple of special stitches in pink that I found really addictive...I won't give anything away... ;-)

This part sees the very real struggle of where to balance the work as you continue to crochet, I found that the yarn and bulk of the project seemed to get into the middle as I turned - the blanket is getting quite large at this stage! I very rarely work on large projects so i expect I'll figure out a better balancing act...eventually...and will let you know if I do...

Part 5 update coming soon...



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