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Sacred Space - Sacred Love Part 3

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Another section down! I’m still not half way through but already the beautiful stitch cormbinations are coming through with some very striking results!

Part 3 is really for the more intermediate crocheter and relied heavily on my ability to count accurately (sometime questionable) and also introduced the concept of a 'folding stitch'. If you haven’t worked with or heard of a folding stitch before, the pattern includes some helpful guidance and photos to help you tackle them. It really is worth it when you master the technique, it creates some beautiful 3D results.

The rounds continue to slow down as the work increases in size which is where the importance of stitch counts come in – some rounds require the placement of stitch markers which I found to be incredibly helpful when working back into previous rounds which otherwise would have been tricky to find.

Part 3 continues with mainly pinks and whites...I still find myself eagerly waiting for a green round, but that’s just my preference!

There are lots of double crochets (US: single crochet) between the pattern points that start to create a curved edge. Combined with multiple colour changes between rows it’s now starting to bring through some lovely rounded striping.

Part 4 update coming soon...



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