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Magic Fountain Mosaic Mandala CAL - Part 1

Welcome to Week 1! Keep reading for more information on the first part of this CAL and tips and tricks to help you get used to this pattern.

This week, we start with the central 'wheel' of the design - it's a relaxing week with some of the more simple stitches in the pattern, so we can enjoy each stitch without having to think too hard.

The most important part of mosaic in the round is making sure each round has the correct stitch count - an easy way of doing this is to place a marker on the last stitch of each repeat. There are 8 repeats, so you'll need 8 markers and you want to make sure each repeat ends at the marker, moving the markers up after each round. If your stitches don't finish at the markers, you know there is an error somewhere to find and correct.

It's also useful to remember that every time a stitch is worked 2 rounds down, ie a 'fldc', a stitch is missed. That stitch will be the stitch you would have worked into for a normal single crochet, for example. Assume only one stitch is missed unless the pattern specifies otherwise.

You don't need to fasten off the colours after each round, you can just let the unused yarn drop and pick it up on the following round. It will create a seam along the back of your work and means we don't have all those pesky loose ends to weave in!

Pin for later:

You can find the pattern:

If you like this pattern and would like to try more mosaic crochet in the round you can find more patterns:

I hope you love working on the first week of this pattern, see you next week!



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