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Magic Fountain Mosaic Mandala CAL 2024

Introducing the "Magic Fountain Mosaic Mandala" crochet pattern, a whimsical design inspired by magic and fairy dust. This intricate mandala captures the essence of enchantment and invites crocheters on a journey through a world of fantasy.

The magical mandala pattern will be released as a crochet along (CAL) with the first week available on 24th February…and this blog has all the detail you’ll need if you’d like to join in!

CALs have always been my favourite part of being a crochet designer because I get to crochet along with you ALL and share our photos and experiences as we go. To help us join together to share this CAL, I've included a hashtag for you to use in the pattern: #MAGICFOUNTAINCAL- please do share your yarns, colour choices, progress and other CAL related snaps you like using this hashtag so everyone can have a peek at your crochet magic!

The Magic Fountain Mandala features a mesmerizing centre motif resembling a mystical portal, adorned with delicate fountains of stitches that radiate outward like sparkling fairy dust. Each round of the mandala unfolds like a magical incantation, weaving together petals, curls and shimmers to create intricate patterns reminiscent of ancient sparkling fountains.

As crocheters work their way through the pattern, they will be enchanted by the interplay of colours and shapes, as if casting spells with every stitch. The magic of the mandala comes to life as it grows in size, revealing layers of intricate detail and subtle shifts in colour that evoke the shimmering glow of fairy dust dancing in a fountain.

The Magic Fountain Mandala pattern invites crocheters to unleash their creativity and infuse their own magic into each stitch. Whether displayed as a stunning wall hanging, used as a decorative centrepiece, or gifted to a fellow dreamer, this enchanting mandala is sure to inspire wonder and delight in all who behold its beauty.

How the CAL will work…

The CAL starts on 24th February 2024 and is in 6 parts which will be released weekly on a Saturday at 9:00am (GMT) for 6 weeks. Once you have downloaded the pattern to your library, the file will be updated each Saturday with the next part.

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The pattern will be available in my Ravelry store here and a discount code will be available to all members of the Crochet Hooks and Magic Facebook group while the CAL is live – so if you’re not a member yet, head over there and watch out for the discount code in the next few weeks. The group is primarily for like-minded crochet enthusiasts to help and support each other through our trickiest stitches but there are often sneak-peeks and discount codes just for group members there too. We're such a friendly crafting group, we love to share our latest crafting projects together - find us here.

Here’s a quick summary of the timetable:

Week 1 - 24th February 2024

Week 2 - 2nd March 2024

Week 3 - 9th March 2024

Week 4 - 16th March 2024

Week 5 - 23rd March 2024

Week 6 - 30th March 2024

The pattern is in written format, using US terminology and includes a chart for those who prefer working more visually. There will be a video for this pattern covering the first part of the pattern only and released on 24th February with the first part. This is to help you pick up the stitches and style of the pattern writing - the written information is suitable for those familiar with the mosaic technique and confident crocheters and will cover all the basics, but if you get stuck, post a comment in the group and there will be plenty of support for you.


You’ll need 2 yarns…

CC (detail colour) this will be the colour that creates the magical design.

MC (background colour) this will be your background yarn, and will be the colour(s) most obvious as the design is worked.

Both yarns will need to be DK/Light Worsted in weight and you will need about 1,500m (1,650 yds) of your CC and 1,800m (2,000 yds) of your MC.

Here’s what I used:

CC – 5 balls, Stylecraft Wondersoft Merry Go Round, DK (100% Acrylic, 100g/294m), Blackcurrant Bonbon

You can find it here.

MC – 6 balls, Stylecraft Special DK (100% Acrylic, 100g/295m), Proper Purple

You can find it here.

There are lots of colourways in the Merry Go Round range which you can purchase from Woolwarehouse alternatively you could use any colour changing yarn for your contrast colour and solid colour for your main colour, or even swap them if you're feeling brave! The pattern, hook and measurements are designed for DK/Worsted yarn, however, any yarn would work – if you decide to use a different weight of yarn, bear in mind the quantity of yarn and also the size of the finished piece will change.


3.5mm standard crochet hook

If you’d like to join in, don’t forget to tag me in your working projects and finished pieces using @crochethooksandmagic and #MagicFountainCAL so I can see your unique colours!

Happy Crocheting to All! 😊

If you like this pattern, why not have a look at some of my past CALs also using the mosaic crochet technique in the round.

Peacock Delight here.

Daisy Dream here.

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