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Mentari Moments

Who else has trouble resisting a crochet doily?

It's one of those items that is right up there with the granny square in crochet's history of popularity and I find it a delightfully relaxing item to squeeze in between other projects.

One of the best things about doilies (and granny squares) is that they were almost made for the sole purpose of using those annoying scraps of yarn that are decorating the corners of your spare room or hiding in the darkest storage cupboard for this exact purpose!

This doily is all about Indonesia - you can feel those ornate decorative embellishments seeping through every stitch of this beautiful pattern and the finished result is worth tackling some unique stitches.

The pattern is available for free here and also on Ravelry here.

There were 2 elements of this pattern that attracted my attention: the unusual use of picots and the popcorn stitch edging.

Picots are a common stitch used to create points or small 'bobbles' on the edge of motifs and doilies. They're made by working chain 3 into the indicated stitch and slip stitching into the first chain. This design uses them within the circular pattern to create that unique bobbled ring. You can see mine here in the outer white row.

And secondly, the popcorn edging used to fill those attractive tiered edges is a beautiful feat of croch-engineering. The original is worked in a soft white, but I've used the contrasting cerise to make them pop like jewels.

Get your hook out and start picking out those yarn scraps for this beautiful pattern. The yarns I used are King Cole Pricewise, colours linked below:

Happy crocheting to All!


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