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Intarsia: Anchor Square

Are you new to Crochet? Do you want to practice colour changes with small, manageable projects? If yes, then this is the place for you!

It's so great to have a big crochet project on the go, but even better to have small 'bite-sized' projects to squeeze in between those larger projects and also as an easy change of scenery if you just want something different to work on for a while.

I've done a few of these squares recently for exactly that reason, and so many of you have asked for the pattern I use. The short answer is that I normally make them up as I go out of simple double crochet (USA: single crochet) but I've created a graph for this one along with a few tips to share with you all.

You can support me as a designer by downloading the printable version of this pattern here for a small fee.


I've used Stylecraft Special DK in:

I used a 3.5mm crochet hook - this will give you a tighter stitch, but you can also use any hook between 3.5mm and 4.5mm for this pattern depending on your preference.


  • To change colour, use new colour on the last 'yarn round hook' of previous stitch'.

  • Avoid tangled yarn when colour changing by bringing forward main colour yarn to front of work when changing to contrast colour and reversing the action when changing back to main colour.

  • Carry the yarn when further colour changes are needed in the same row, drop the yarn when there are no further stitches in that colour in the row.

  • Carry the yarn on top of stitches where possible to avoid visible 'stripes'.

Note: I've used UK terminology for the written pattern, for USA terminology read 'single crochet' for each 'double crochet' instruction.

To make:

Chain 31 in Teal.

Row 1 dc in second ch from hook, dc in each st to end, turn. [30dc]

Row 2 ch1 [does not count as st], dc in same st, dc in each st to end, turn. [30dc]

Row 3-28 as row 2 following graph for colour changes.

Fasten off and weave in ends.


Join yarn in White to any st. Ch1, reverse crochet in same st, reverse crochet in each st to corner, *reverse crochet, ch1, reverse crochet* in corner, repeat for each side and corner.

Fasten off and weave in ends.

If you enjoyed this nautical square, check out the free pattern section of my blog for more!

Keep Crocheting!



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